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Many companies are frequently victims of acts of unfair competition and internal or external malice that proves harmful to their operations. These acts can result in financial harm or a decline in the relationship of trust within your company or with your prospects. 


The use of a private detective firm, for a commercial or industrial investigation, allows you to resolve your doubts, to put an end to the errors at the source of your financial losses, to restore the image of your company and the quality of the internal climate of your society.


Our intervention methods can be surveillance, surveillance, civil and administrative investigations, security audits, collection of testimonies, infiltrations, etc. Very often, recourse to a justice commissioner will be necessary in addition to our intervention (in particular in the context of industrial tribunal litigation).


The Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) firm will put its experience, its rigor and the skills of its investigators at your service to develop an operational strategy in order to obtain the evidence essential to the defense of your interests.

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