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Unfair competition has no legal definition but a jurisprudential source which finds its basis in article 1240 of the Civil Code, which says that "Any act whatsoever of man which causes damage to others, obliges the person through the fault from which he managed to repair it.


This fault corresponds to abuse, unfair acts and/or contrary to the law or commercial practices, which take different forms (for example: denigration, disorganization, defamation, parasitism, confusion, etc.).


We specialize in gathering information, which can be extremely helpful in establishing strong evidence in unfair competition cases. Here are some reasons why a company might choose to use the services of Cabinet Riviera Private Investigation (RPI):

  1. Evidence collection : we can collect tangible and admissible evidence in court to support allegations of unfair competition. This may include photographs, recordings, testimonials and other evidence.

  2. Identification of unfair practices : we can help identify unfair competitive practices, such as industrial espionage, theft of trade secrets, violation of confidentiality contracts or non-competition agreements.

  3. Competitor Monitoring : Discreet monitoring of competitors' activities can help detect unfair behavior, such as circumvention of ethical rules or illicit copying of products, services or business strategies.

  4. Search for witnesses : We may locate and interview potential witnesses who may have crucial information about unfair competition.

  5. Preparation of legal files : Our information may be used to strengthen the company's legal cases in legal proceedings related to unfair competition.

  6. Confidentiality : we work discreetly and can operate confidentially, thus preserving the reputation of the company.


In short, do you have any doubts about the integrity and loyalty of one of your employees or ex-employees? Is your business experiencing a constant decline in turnover? Are you gradually losing your customers without explanation? These may be fraudulent acts. The investigation that we will carry out will make it possible to stop these acts and obtain compensation for your damage.

Our firm will offer you a suitable strategy to provide you with the necessary evidence. Our investigations will allow you to initiate legal action under article 1240 of the Civil Code.

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