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Stock discrepancy, suspicion of theft by one of your employees or subcontractors?


Before intervening directly, you must collect tangible evidence of the actions of third parties and ideally, apprehend them in the act.


Thanks to the expertise of the Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) firm, you will be able to quickly identify the perpetrator(s) of the misdeeds as well as the possible network which is carrying out the leaking of your merchandise.

With discretion and professionalism, we infiltrate your company to carry out surveillance, shadowing, computer investigations, etc.

At the end of the investigation, we will provide you with a detailed and detailed report allowing you to file a complaint and win your case in the context of dismissal for gross negligence, for example.


It is important to act quickly and discreetly by respecting the legislation in force on employee surveillance, but also by checking the presence of a clause or regulation in the contract which could allow the implementation of a monitoring device in the workplace.


An employee or a person outside your company who commits theft is guilty of a criminal offense. It is therefore possible to work in collaboration with law enforcement.

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