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A private detective firm such as Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) can make a significant contribution in business intelligence, which aims to collect, analyze and exploit strategic information to make informed business decisions.

The experience of the founder and director of the RPI firm, Eric AXELSON (graduate of ESCP Europe, IIM, TELFER School of Management of the University of Ottawa, 3rd cycle in e-business, former senior executive from the private sector), will be a considerable asset in your EI projects.

Here are some subjects on which the RPI firm can support you:

  1. Competitive monitoring : we may conduct competitive intelligence by collecting information on competitors' activities, strategies, projects and innovations. This allows businesses to stay informed about market developments and make strategic decisions based on a thorough understanding of the competition.

  2. Business partner investigations : Before establishing business partnerships or investing in a new business relationship, we may conduct thorough investigations into the financial backgrounds, professional reputations and business practices of potential partners.

  3. Risk management : We can help businesses identify and mitigate risks related to security, fraud, counterfeiting, and other potential threats. This includes protection against industrial espionage, cybercrime and other illicit activities.

  4. Commercial dispute investigations : In commercial disputes, we may be called upon to collect evidence, investigate the circumstances surrounding the dispute, and provide information that can support legal positions.

  5. Protection of intellectual property : we can help protect a company's intellectual property by investigating cases of counterfeiting, patent and copyright violations, and by implementing prevention strategies.

  6. Crisis management : In the event of potential crises, such as scandals, leaks of sensitive information or reputational issues, we can conduct rapid and discreet investigations aimed at minimizing damage and providing crisis management solutions.

  7. Safety and risk prevention training : we finally offer training programs to raise staff awareness of issues related to security, confidentiality and the protection of sensitive information.

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