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Do you want to check the reliability of a future business partner?

Do you have any doubts about the good faith of a job seeker?

Do you think one of your candidates is “fixing” their CV?


Unobtained diplomas, false professional experience or hidden criminal records: our private investigations firm is expert in all types of research relating to pre-employment investigations and CV checks.


Here are some reasons why a company might consider using Riviera Private Investigation for a pre-employment investigation:

  1. Background check : We can conduct extensive employment, educational and criminal background checks on an applicant to confirm the accuracy of the information provided in the resume.

  2. Professional reputation survey : We may investigate a candidate's professional reputation by interviewing former employers, colleagues or other professional contacts.

  3. Validation of skills : We can help validate a candidate's professional skills and qualifications by verifying the authenticity of diplomas, certifications and work experience.

  4. Assessment of potential risks : In certain sensitive sectors, such as finance or security, we may assess the potential risks associated with hiring a candidate, including by identifying possible links to criminal activity.

  5. Problem Behavior Survey : If past problematic behaviors are suspected, we can investigate these matters and determine their relevance to the position being considered.

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