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Firstly, we will offer youa meeting by telephone or video (FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc.), in order to listen to you,to understand your problem and the issues, and to introduce our Firm to you. We will also tell you if we are able to assist you, and will give you an initial idea of the investigation budget to plan, as well as the strategy that we will propose to put in place.This first meeting is completely free and without any commitment.

If this first exchange was fruitful and you wish to progress in your approach,we will then send you a provisional quote, since in many cases we cannot determine in advance the number of mission hours that will be necessary, unless you opt for a package of hours determined in advance. We will also communicate to you a fee agreement, which precisely lists the services of our Firm and the prices applicable to each service, in complete transparency. We will also prepare a mandate contract, which constitutes a legal obligation and allows us to intervene legally, on your behalf. Finally, we will give you a copy ofthe charter of ethics for private detectives, which also constitutes a legal obligation prior to our intervention, and will inform you if we will intervene directly and/or via our network of subcontractors.

Once the contract is signed (we will need your proof of identity, and depending on the case, a copy of marriage certificates, family record book, or any legal document justifying your link with the person, natural or legal, on which we let's investigate)and the deposit paid (by transfer to our Firm's bank account - because we do not intervene without payment of an advance on investigation), we do everything possible to carry out the mission (we are bound by an obligation of means): research administrative and/or digital, setting up surveillance systems, shadowing, taking photos and/or videos, etc.

During each monitoring,we keep in touch to inform you of the progress of operations. You obviously remain in the background, without intervening at the risk of compromising our investigations.

After collecting the evidence (admissible in court), we will give youa vacation report / mission report, at the rate of one report per mission day. If the mission is part of legal action, and if you wish (and according to the conditions defined in the contract), we will give youan official and confidential report for transmission to your lawyers and the courts.

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