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Are you facing a real estate dispute (neighborhood conflict, nuisance, illegal occupation, legal proceedings, land registry problem, problem relating to an easement, etc.)? Call on the professional services of Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) to help you collect evidence and possibly go to court.


Our private investigators specializing in real estate disputes have unrivaled expertise in resolving real estate cases.


We make every effort to collect accurate and verified information to help you make decisions.Contact us now for a free confidential consultation.


Examples of situations in which we can help you:

  1. Real estate fraud investigations : We can investigate cases of real estate fraud, such as falsification of documents, identity theft, or other forms of embezzlement related to real estate transactions.

  2. Search for delinquent tenants or owners: In the case of rental disputes, we can locate tenants who are not fulfilling their contractual obligations or landlords who are not fulfilling their obligations to tenants.

  3. Search for information on real estate : we may be asked to obtain information about a property, such as its history, previous owners, previous disputes, etc.

  4. Investigations into neighborhood disputes : conflicts between neighbors can sometimes require our intervention in order to collect evidence of nuisances, contract violations or disruptive behavior.

  5. Checking for illegal or non-compliant activities : If illegal activities or activities not in compliance with planning regulations are suspected on a property, we can investigate and collect evidence.

  6. Investigations into property losses : in the event of a disaster, such as a fire or flood, we may be mandated to determine the circumstances surrounding the event, assess the damage and collect evidence for insurance companies.

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