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The criminal legal field is essentially reserved for “regal forces” (police, gendarmerie).

However, the private detectives from Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) can intervene and collect evidence useful to defend your interests. Out of respect for criminal procedure, we will not be able to investigate simultaneously with an investigation or a judicial investigation.

Our action in the criminal context therefore takes place exclusively upstream or downstream of the procedure, whether for individuals or companies.

The evidence collected may make it possible to identify the alleged perpetrator of the offense or his accomplices in order to file a complaint, to shed light on hidden maneuvers constituting fraud, and to (re)find witnesses. They may also trigger an arrest under the flagrante delicto regime by the police.


Pre-criminal investigations

Nearly 80% of criminal complaints are dismissed, most often due to a lack of evidence or the impossibility of identifying the perpetrator. Therefore, using our services can be a decisive advantage. We may collect evidence to support a complaint, particularly in relation to the following offences:

– Theft and Fraud

– Abandonment of family, non-presentation of children

- Violence

– Abuse of trust, weakness, embezzlement

– Sectarian excesses

- Corruption

– Moral and sexual harassment


Criminal counter-investigations

It is possible for a person to be wrongly convicted or exonerated following a criminal trial.

Whatever your situation, you can mandate the Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) firm to collect evidence useful for the review of legal proceedings (Art. 662 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).

Our private detectives take over the complete file, interview witnesses and carry out reconstructions. We will then send your lawyer a report admissible in court.

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