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The Riviera Private Investigation (RPI) firm offers you a morality investigation service, allowing you to check the background, the activities of a person or even the associations of your minor child.


Article 371-1 of the Civil Code states that “Parental authority is a set of rights and duties aimed at the interests of the child”. The parents of a minor child therefore have a legitimate interest in using the services of a private detective to ensure their safety and education.


Our survey will allow you to:

  • Control your children's schedule.

  • Identify the people your children hang out with.

  • Determine the places frequented by your children.

  • Check your children's activities.

  • Check if your children use drugs.

  • Check to see if your children are engaging in illicit activities.

  • Determine if your child is the victim of racketeering, physical or psychological attacks, or even harassment.


Our private detectives are empowered to collect confidential and strategic information to help our clients make the best decisions.


Trust our experience and discretion for your needs regarding morality investigations or investigations into your minor children.

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