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Spotting mental or psychological control can be difficult because it can manifest in subtle ways.


However, there are signs and behaviors that may indicate undue mental influence. Here are some potential indicators:

  1. Sudden change in behavior: If a person experiences a drastic change in their behavior, attitudes, or beliefs, this may indicate external influence.

  2. Social isolation: The influence can lead to the isolation of the person concerned. If she is moving away from friends and family for no apparent reason, this could be a sign.

  3. Excessive control : A person under the influence may be subject to excessive control by another person. This can manifest itself in constant requests for reports on his activities, restrictions on his social contacts, etc.

  4. Lack of self-confidence : A person under the influence can lose confidence in themselves and in their own decisions. She may constantly seek approval from the influencer.

  5. Change in relationships : The person's relationships may change, particularly if they begin to move away from previous relationships or adopt new behaviors consistent with the influencer's wishes.

  6. Emotional manipulation : Using manipulative tactics, such as blaming, threatening, or emotional blackmail, can be a sign of control.

  7. Change in perception of reality : A person under influence may adopt the influencer's worldview, even if it goes against their own prior experiences and beliefs.

  8. Financial or material dependence : If a person becomes financially or materially dependent on someone else, this can facilitate control.

  9. Isolation of information sources : The influencer may seek to control the person's sources of information to limit their exposure to different perspectives.

  10. Refusal to question : A person under influence may be reluctant to question the influencer's actions or requests, even if it goes against their well-being.

If you suspect someone is under the influence, it is important to approach the situation sensitively. Encourage open communication and be sure to provide emotional support.

If the situation appears serious, it may be necessary to seek help from professionals, such as psychologists, or private investigation firms such as Riviera Private Investigation (RPI). We can help you.

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