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The justice commissioner and the private detective can be very complementary. Often neglected, the added value of a private investigator for a justice commissioner is nevertheless real: searching for people, helping with debt recovery, preparing reports or seizures, etc.


Location of debtor, natural person or legal entity

Whether to issue a summons, serve a judicial document, or to begin taking enforcement measures, locating the recipient of the document is a prerequisite for the justice commissioner.

In the most difficult cases and when the amounts involved are substantial, it can be very relevant for a justice commissioner and his client to retain the services of a private investigator.

We are the only professionals authorized to collect information “even without stating its quality or revealing the purpose of its mission”.


Preparation of report

The report is another important activity of the justice commissioners and for which the private detective can bring all his know-how.

Whether for a report in real estate matters (under-occupancy of premises, under rental, etc.), in family matters (condition of custody of children, adultery, etc.) or in matters of intellectual property (preparation of report of purchase or counterfeit seizure), the private detective can have real added value:

  • when to intervene? what day and at what time?

  • how to access places and ensure that they are accessible?

  • where are the material or physical elements subject to the report located? and how can we ensure that they will be there on the big day?...

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